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Doyle Files Suit Against Florida Marine on Behalf of Injured Contractor

Doyle has filed a maritime personal injury lawsuit against Florida Marine on behalf of a contractor who was injured while unloading a barge belonging to the company. The plaintiff was an employee of Accutrans at the time of injury. Accutrans was contracted by Florida Marine.

The plaintiff fell into a hatch while walking the barge. The hatch did not have nonskid coating and resulted in a serious and debilitating injury. The hatch was slippery, unprotected, defective, and unfit for its intended purposes.

Florida Marine is responsible for the safety aboard its vessels and was negligent in ensuring the safety of all of those aboard. The company also exhibited gross negligence by recklessly and dangerously failing to carry out its safety obligations in violation of many US laws.

The plaintiff is asking for past and future medical treatment to be paid along with compensation for loss of earning capacity. Doyle stands behind their client in the fight against Florida Marine’s negligence and gross negligence.