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Doyle Files Jones Act Case on Behalf of Injured Seaman

Doyle has filed a Jones Act suit against Houston-based Technip USA, Inc. The company is an offshore seismic company.

The plaintiff’s injuries resulted from a fall while descending a stairwell from the life raft deck to the fast rescue boat deck. The stairwell was poorly maintained and improperly constructed. The plaintiff was employed by Technip at the time of his injuries and was a Jones Act seaman more or less permanently assigned to the vessel of his employer.

Technip was negligent in creating the dangerous conditions that proximately resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries. The vessel was not reasonably safe and, therefore, unseaworthy. Technip has also denied maintenance and cure payments to the plaintiff. The plaintiff is requesting Technip pay damages in relation to the charges of negligence, unseaworthiness and wrongful denial of maintenance and cure.

The offshore injury attorneys at Doyle stand behind this client in their fight against a company attempting to shirk its responsibilities to their employee.