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Doyle featured in Today’s Houston Chronicle on the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion

Mike Doyle of Doyle was quoted in today’s Houston Chronicle article by Lise Olsen and Terri Langford on Gulf Accidents. The article addresses the long history of oil rig explosions in the Gulf of Mexico over the past several years. Often the maritime industry touts its safety record based on reported incidents, but many if not most incidents are unreported, and there is essentially no hands-on oversight of rig safety. These safety shortcomings can result in tragedy, as evidenced by the recent tragedy on the Deepwater Horizon, a Transocean and BP operation. As Mike Doyle was quoted, “There is a big difference between their actual incident/injury rate and their self-reported (rate).”The full text of the Chronicle article can be found at this link.