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Doyle Dennis LLP vs. Sakom Services WI, LLC and ABC Insurance Company

Doyle Dennis LLP, with local counsel Urban & Taylor S.C., recently filed suit on behalf of their client against defendants Sakom Services WI, LLC and ABC Insurance Company. The lawsuit was filed in the State of Wisconsin, Circuit Court of Outagamie County. The filing stems from our client suffering injuries in December 2020 in Niger, Africa as a direct and proximate result of Sakom’s employee crashing a vehicle into the back of the stationary vehicle of our client. ABC Insurance Company provided, executed, delivered, and had in full force and effect a policy or policies of liability insurance for Sakom Services WI, LLC, and therefore is a proper party defendant.

          On or about December 30, 2020, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was employed by DynCorp as a Wire Production Technician in Niger, Africa. As part of his employment with DynCorp, our client was driving a vehicle to escort a water truck. Both the water truck and our client’s vehicle came to a stop at about the same date and time. Another vehicle driven by a Sakom Services employee proceeded to crash into the rear end of our client’s stopped vehicle. As a result of the impact and negligence shown by Sakom, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client suffered various injuries to the neck, shoulder, head, and body generally. Since the time of the incident, our client’s symptoms have continued resulting in permanent and ongoing injuries.

Sakom Services WI, LLC including its employees and agents, at the time owed a duty of reasonable care to our client operating for DynCorp. Sakom breached that duty with respect to this incident in at least the following respects: failure to stop, failure to yield, failure to yield the right of way, failure to maintain a proper lookout, failure to properly manage and control the vehicle, and inattentive driving. These numerous failures and other aspects of Sakom’s negligence will be demonstrated at the time of trial. This negligence is the proximate and direct cause of the severe and long-lasting damage suffered by our client from the collision. Our client will pursue what is legally owed to them including but not limited to: past and future health care provider and medication expenses; past and future pain, suffering and disability/disfigurement; past and future loss of wages and loss of earning capacity and household service capacity.

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