Doyle Dennis LLP Files Suit After Client Killed At Burdogz Bar and Grill

Doyle Dennis LLP recently filed a lawsuit in Victoria County, Texas against Burdogz LLC, D/B/A Burdogz Bar and Grill (“Burdogz Bar and Grill”) following the death of AquCraigis Watson at Burdogz Bar and Grill for negligent security.

AquCraigis Watson worked as a bartender at Burdogz Bar and Grill. Prior to his death, Mr. Watson had completed a work shift. Before Mr. Watson left, Burdogz Bar and Grill requested that he remain at the restaurant because there was not enough security. Mr. Watson agreed to help. On or about that time, an altercation between restaurant patrons ensued. During the altercation, Mr. Watson was shot and killed. The shooter has since been charged by the Victoria County District Attorney in Mr. Watson’s death.
After Mr. Watson was killed, Doyle Dennis LLP filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Specifically, Burdogz Bar and Grill knew or should have known that the premises required security measures. Burdogz Bar and Grill also knew or should have known of numerous similar violent incidents before the incident forming the basis of the lawsuit, but refused to take reasonable steps provide for the safety and security at Burdogz Bar and Grill. Burdogz Bar and Grill failed to provide adequate security and safety measures to the individuals at Burdogz Bar and Grill.

The condition at Burdogz Bar and Grill was such that it created an unreasonably dangerous condition which Burdogz Bar and Grill knew, or should have known, was unreasonably dangerous. Further, Burdogz Bar and Grill failed to exercise ordinary care to provide reasonable safety and/or to adequately warn Mr. Watson of the dangerous condition. Burdogz Bar and Grill’s failure to correct the condition and/or to adequately warn Mr. Watson constituted negligence. Burdogz Bar and Grill’s negligence was the proximate cause of the incident in question and Mr. Watson’s resulting injuries and death.
Because of Burdogz Bar and Grill’s negligence, Mr. Watson’s mother, wife, and three children have suffered significant harm. In addition, Mr. Watson’s estate is a separate plaintiff in the lawsuit, and the Representative of Mr. Watson’s Estate has sued for recovery for the physical pain, mental anguish, disfigurement, and physical impairment suffered by Mr. Watson prior to his death, and for any medical expenses and funeral expenses of last interment.

Under Texas law, the surviving spouse, children, and parents of the deceased individual may have survival claims. If you lost a loved one because of the negligence of a company, contact Doyle Dennis LLP for a free evaluation of your potential legal claims.