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Doyle Dennis LLP Files Arizona Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit Against Travelers Indemnity Company

Doyle Dennis LLP recently filed suit against Travelers Indemnity Company and Traveler’s insurance adjuster. The lawsuit, alleging breach of the duty of good faith and fair dealing, loss of consortium, and aiding and abetting, was filed in Maricopa County, Arizona on behalf of Doyle Dennis LLP’s clients. The firm will now work on behalf of the clients in order to get the justice they deserve.  

One of the two clients involved in the lawsuit sustained injuries at work. Specifically, he sustained injuries to his right knee and fibula, right clavicle, right hip, bilateral shoulders, lumbar spine, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. As a result of the serious injuries, the client’s marriage changed drastically. For example, due to the severity of the client’s injuries, the client requires care for approximately 10-16 hours per day. As a result of the serious injuries, the client requires significant assistance from his wife in managing everyday tasks. For example, his wife helps manage his medications, helps to communicate with medical providers because of memory issues, prepares his meals, provides companionship, transports the client to and from his medical appointments, attends her husband’s medical appointments, cleans his prosthesis, monitors the client, and completes nearly all the household chores to keep a sterile home environment because of the infection risk. After the client sustained on-the-job injuries, he sought to receive workers’ compensation benefits, including compensation for the palliative care provided by his wife. Unfortunately, Travelers Indemnity Company and Traveler’s insurance adjuster delayed and denied the requests for benefits. Thus, Doyle Dennis LLP is representing both individuals in the bad faith insurance lawsuit against Travelers Indemnity Company and Traveler’s insurance adjuster.

Doyle Dennis LLP has significant experience in representing workers who have been targeted, interfered with, or fell victim to bad faith insurance dealings in Arizona. If you have been targeted, defamed, wrongfully terminated, interfered with, or dealt with a bad faith insurance company or adjuster, call Doyle Dennis LLP today for a free consultation.