$4.3 Million

Claims: Workers’ Compensation Insurance Bad Faith/Deceptive Trade Practices/Violations of the Texas Insurance Code – Jury Verdict: $4.3 million Injury – cervical spine and nerve injuries resulting from delay in payments of insurance. Initial case overturned on appeal. (Attorneys’ Fees – $1,000,000; Expenses – $37,708.88.)
After a successful career in the insurance industry, Lloyd Snyder chose as a second career to be a psychiatric nurse at a major Houston hospital. In October 2002, Mr. Snyder was attacked at work by a psychiatric patient and suffered a painful, but manageable, injury to his cervical spine. His doctors, and even doctors hired by his workers’ compensation claims handlers, agreed that Mr. Snyder had suffered a significant injury and needed surgery. He needed his workers’ compensation insurance company’s help.