$1.75 Million

Claims: Workers’ Compensation Insurance Bad Faith/Deceptive Trade Practices/Violations of the Texas Insurance Code – Jury Verdict: $1,759,000; (Attorneys’ Fees: $337,500.00; Expenses $42,608.24).
Ms. Stinson, a long-time flight attendant for Continental Airlines, was injured in December 2003, when she was thrown through the plane cabin backwards as her plane was forced to brake during an emergency on takeoff. She suffered injuries to her neck and back. The incident, which occurred on a United States armed forces’ charter flight to Iraq, was witnessed by many soldiers on the airplane. Despite this, AIG refused to pay for the medical care Ms. Stinson needed for her neck injury. Instead, they continued to fight Ms. Stinson at every turn, sending her to biased doctors and placing roadblocks every step of the way. In November 2010, a Harris county jury found AIG to have knowingly acted in violation of the Texas Insurance Code and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and awarded her $1,759,000.