Doyle Files Worker’s Comp Bad Faith Suit against New Hampshire Insurance and Aiding Entities

Doyle LLP filed a worker’s compensation lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company (“New Hampshire”), Helmsman Management Services (“Helmsman”) which is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, and the assigned claims adjuster, together (“defendants”), after their wrongful acts in handling plaintiff’s injury claim.

In March of 2012, our client, a devoted and diligent employee of Associated Retina Consultants, fell and injured her knee in the parking lot of her employer’s place of business. A short time after being assigned light duty, she was discharged due to an unavailability of further light duty tasks.

Upon receiving our client’s workers compensation claim, New Hampshire placed an adjuster on the case that deliberately engaged in improper claim processing actions. Our client’s physician recommended knee surgery, but authorization was denied, causing her to ultimately pay for the procedure through her personal insurance more than a year later.

Rather than properly investigate and ensure our client would receive the medical, financial, and other benefits promised to employees of Associated Retina Consultants, this adjuster ignored favorable information to our client, created pre-textual excuses for underpayment, and failed to timely recognize the extent of injury.

The insurance company also assigned Helmsman, a claims management service, which is liable for aiding and abetting New Hampshire in its violations of the Arizona Worker’ Compensation Act and the duties of good faith and fair dealing.

Our client was forced to hire a lawyer to help her secure benefits. After a hearing, The Industrial Commission of Arizona ordered New Hampshire to pay an award covering costs of surgery, medical maintenance, and deductibles, but the insurance agency still has not paid this portion of relief.

Due to a loss of employment, permanent disfigurement, and delayed payments of medical necessities, our client endures needless and preventable sufferings, even facing eviction from her home. The worker’s compensation bad faith lawyers of Doyle LLP will vigorously fight to protect the rights of this client. Our seasoned professionals are widely-recognized for their ability to seek justice for injured workers whose workers comp claims have been wrongfully denied. If you or someone you love has been negatively impacted by the worker’s compensation process, contact our office for today for assistance.