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Doyle Files Suit Against Tundra Strategies for Role in Death of US Servicemen

Doyle has filed suit against Tundra Strategies on behalf of several United States servicemen, including the family members of a servicemen who was killed, while serving in Afghanistan.  The servicemen were shot by an Afghan national, Shir Ahmed, who was not properly screened by Tundra, which was hired by the U.S. government in November 2009 to screen and monitor military security.

Ahmed had a documented history of threatening attack on U.S. soldiers, and two months after being hired in May 2010 Ahmed had been fired from Tundra for making threats .  However, Tundra did not record his history of threats or report Ahmed’s actions to the U.S. military.  As a result, Ahmed was listed as eligible for rehire, and within days of being rehired in 2011, opened fire on U.S. servicemen with a Tundra-issued AK-47.

Doyle is very proud to represent these U.S. servicemen and their families, as they continue to struggle with their injuries and losses, which were entirely preventable if Tundra had followed the proper procedures and laws.