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Doyle Ranks #1 Amongst Texas Admiralty and Maritime Verdicts

Texas Lawyer Magazine recognizes Doyle, a national Maritime and Jones Act firm, for its #1 ranking amongst Texas Maritime and Admiralty verdicts, according to VerdictSearch. The recognition will be featured in Top Texas Verdicts of 2013 and appear in the next month’s edition of Texas Lawyer.

This award follows lead attorney Mike Doyle’s securement of a unanimous jury verdict awarding $9,677,068 against Diamond Offshore Services, (“Diamond”), a global leader in offshore drilling services.

The plaintiff, a Mississippi resident and Diamond employee, was supervising mechanical drilling in Egypt when he sustained career-ending damages. Our client was ordered to repair a set of elevators to further British Petroleum operations, but insufficient elevator spares and improperly maintained equipment resulted in permanent and debilitating injuries to the plaintiff. The jury found the vessel unseaworthy and that Diamond was negligent in its operations.

Speaking to the successful resolution, Mike Doyle stated; “The jury’s verdict supports the evidence of the company’s willingness to expose its own employees, rig and the environment to potentially disastrous consequences.”

Doyle is an experienced award-winning firm that uses industry insight and decades of knowledge to provide added value to client representation. If you or someone you know has been injured and you believe it involves admiralty or maritime law, contact the Jones Act attorneys at Doyle LLP for a careful review of your rights and options.

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Top Texas Verdicts of 2013 Publishes May, 27, 2013

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