Doyle Files Suit Against Pan American Life

On December 22, 2011, Doyle filed suit against Pan American Life Insurance Company (PALIC) and its third-party claims adminsitrator for their bad faith denial of a health insurance claim earlier this year.  After making a claim on her insurance for treatment of her recently diagnosed cancer, Pan American continued to deny the claimant’s health insurance […]

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Doyle Files Jones Act Maritime Lawsuit

Maritime Lawsuit

On May 17, 2011, Doyle filed a maritime lawsuit on behalf of a Jones Act seaman injured in the course of his job in February 2011. The seaman’s injury was the result of the dangerous and unseaworthy condition of the vessel that he was serving on. To make matters worse, his employer did not comply […]

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Doyle Files Suit Against St. James Stevedoring

Maritime Injury Attorney

On September 3, 2010, Doyle filed suit in the Nueces County Court at Law against St. James Stevedoring on behalf of a deckhand injured off the coast of Texas. Doyle’s client is a Jones Act seaman and the lawsuit is based on the Jones Act and general maritime law which require that St. James Stevedoring […]

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Mariner-Energy’s Vermilion Oil rig 380 exploded off the coast of Louisiana

Louisiana Maritime Lawyer

The Mariner Energy-owned Vermilion Oil rig 380 exploded today about 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana. Crew rescue efforts are presently underway by the Coast Guard. The full consequences of the explosion are yet to be known, including the impacts on the lives of the 13 crew members aboard who will be faced with […]

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Worker’s Compensation Bad Faith Case Filed Against AIG Claims, Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, and Separate Claim Against Hitech for Wrongful Retaliation

On June 29, 2010, Doyle filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dennis Long against the worker’s compensation carrier, State Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, and the thirty party administrator, AIG Claims, for their wrongful denial of his medical and income benefits after a clear on-the-job injury. With no legitimate basis, these insurance companies took the position […]

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Doyle Files Lawsuit On Behalf of Jones Act Seaman

Jones Act Suit

On April 22, 2010, Doyle filed a lawsuit in Harris County district court against Kirby Inland Marine, LP on behalf of a tankerman injured in the Gulf of Mexico. Doyle’s client is a Jones Act seaman and the lawsuit is based on the well-settled law that Kirby Marine owed the seaman several duties which they […]

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Doyle LLP Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Pilot involved in Lake Accident

Boat Accident Lawyer

Doyle LLP has filed suit on behalf of a pilot who suffered a broken neck in a severe boating accident on Lake Travis. While the negligent boat driver was insured, the insurance company refused to provide full value for our client’s severe injuries. Instead, International Marine Underwriters attempted to minimize the accident and underpay the […]

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