Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Disputes with Travelers

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Travelers Insurance Workers’ Comp Attorneys

The Travelers Companies is the largest American insurance company by market value, with revenues exceeding $25 billion and total assets worth over $105 billion. To some extent, most people recognize that auto and homeowners insurance companies are profit-focused and dealings with them can be frustrating. The fact that the same problems come up with workers’ compensation claims is less well known.

Protecting the Rights of Injured Workers

Insurance companies such as Travelers are duty bound under the law to evaluate each and every claim fairly and reasonably. When these companies unfairly delay or deny benefits, they run the risk of having to pay the injured worker additional damages for bad faith delay of payment. Doyle has the tools and expertise to help you fight for your deserved damages, and recover the money you are owed.

Recovery is an Attainable Goal with Doyle by Your Side

At Doyle in Houston, we have taken action against Travelers on behalf of many injured workers whose valid claims have been unreasonably denied, delayed and then ultimately granted after the victim endured serious physical, emotional and psychological damages. As experienced advocates for our clients, we are able to help you recover financially from your injury and ease your burden during this difficult time.

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We strongly believe – and Texas insurance law supports us – that a work comp insurer must treat injured workers fairly, rather than simply focusing on profits and services to employers. If you have been victimized by a claim denial or serious delays, please contact workers’ compensation dispute attorneys of Doyle today for a consultation on your legal options.