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Gulf Oil Spill Lawyers

Taking action for victims of Offshore accidents along the Gulf Coast and in other U.S. waterways is a proven strength for the attorneys of Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers in Houston. We know the Jones Act and other federal maritime laws, the many risks faced by maritime workers and the responsibilities of their employers. Doyle Dennis LLP has experienced United States Offshore Accidents Lawyer who can assist in evaluating such claims.

Versatility to Handle Jones Act Claims and Severe Property Damage Litigation

Our efforts have benefited many injured oil workers, as well as seamen on tankers, cargo vessels, and workboats of all types. Recently, the BP oil spill has reminded us all that maritime accidents can also cause far-reaching property damage and economic losses, and we are prepared to take action in these cases as well. Contact us regarding:

  • Your serious maritime injuries or the loss of a family member in any type of maritime accident in U.S. waters or abroad
  • A claim against BP or another corporation responsible for property damage and business losses due to the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Real Legal Help for People Hurt in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Elsewhere

Armed with extensive knowledge of the Jones Act, personal injury claims and insurance laws, we have built a track record of positive outcomes for our clients at trial and through aggressive negotiations. Our proven trial lawyers frequently handle international maritime and personal injury cases and welcome all inquiries after:

Our many case successes in this practice area clearly demonstrate our dedication as U.S. water maritime accident lawyers — and they also extend to offshore helicopter crashes and other transport accidents.

If a maritime accident along the Gulf Coast or any U.S. waterway has left you injured, grieving a family member, or wondering how you will survive physical and economic damage to your business, please contact our respected law firm . Doyle Dennis LLP has experienced United States Offshore Accidents Lawyer who can assist in evaluating such claims..