Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Disputes with Zurich

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Galveston Bad Faith Attorney

Zurich American Insurance Company was the second most-prolific work comp insurer in Texas as of 2008, according to the Texas Department of Insurance — trailing only the government-created “risk pool” insurer Texas Mutual. Although it can be difficult to gauge the real revenue of complex corporations with many divisions, this company headquartered in Illinois reported taking in over $5 billion in 2008.

To some extent, most people recognize that auto and homeowners insurance companies are profit-focused and dealings with them can be frustrating. The fact that the same problems come up with workers’ compensation claims is less well known.

At Doyle in Houston, we have taken action for many injured workers whose valid claims have been unreasonably denied, delayed and then ultimately granted after the victim endured serious physical, emotional and psychological damages.

Trial Proven Lawyers You Can Trust for an All-Out Effort

We often take action for the plaintiff in extremely serious, high-stakes workers’ compensation bad faith cases. Our attorneys collaborate, prepare extensively and go to trial to win. Among our successes:

  • A Galveston County court awarded Doyle client Jerome Ryan more than $1.3 million in damages after Zurich American Insurance Company unreasonably delayed benefits covering lost income from his job as a sandblaster. The jury found that Zurich acted in bad faith when it failed to obtain medical records pertaining to Mr. Ryan’s shoulder injury, wrongly advised him that he could not choose his own doctor and refused to pay income benefits or medical bills.

Targeting Fair, Sizable Compensation to Help Injured Workers Move Forward

Ultimately having a workers’ compensation claim approved and receiving back benefits is not enough for a worker who may have suffered a worsening medical condition, extreme financial hardship, and undue stress and pain for months or longer. This is why we make workers’ compensation bad faith cases a high priority in our practice.

If your potential case calls for an experienced Zurich Insurance workers’ comp dispute lawyer, we encourage you to call or e-mail our law firm today and arrange a consultation.