Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Disputes with Texas Mutual

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Unfortunately for many workers in higher-risk occupations, the largest single workers’ compensation insurer in our state is the Texas Mutual Insurance Company. As of 2008, this company controlled more than 27 percent of the market, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. A headline-level statement on its website as of mid-2010 may speak loudly to anyone having problems with a valid claim:

“Workers comp made easier. With loss prevention services, cost-saving claim management, group discount programs, our health care network and return-to-work programs, we’re on the job so you can be, too.”

Your Proven Advocates Against an Entrenched Opponent

Based on our experience, this entity — created by the state and with a governor-appointed board, but operating as a private company — often seems far more intent on stonewalling seriously injured workers and exposing rare fraud cases than on meeting its obligations to hardworking people across Texas.

Earning Results for Injured Workers Who Are Treated Unfairly

If you are involved in a dispute with Texas Mutual over your work comp claim, you are not alone. It is important to recognize that this company tenaciously stands its ground when unfairly denying a claim, and any action against them is likely to require an experienced trial lawyer. We have been up to that challenge in such cases, including those of:

  • Lance Morris, a volunteer fireman from Justin who injured his spine carrying an accident victim, only to have his need for surgery denied by the Texas Mutual Adjuster
  • Timothy Ruttiger who suffered an on-the-job lifting injury witnessed by several others, only to have Texas Mutual deny his need for hernia surgery and even make a false claim that he was hurt playing softball

In each case, a jury found Texas Mutual to have acted in bad faith. The verdict in favor of Mr. Morris was for $750,000, and a Galveston court awarded nearly $400,000 in Mr. Ruttiger’s workers’ comp bad faith case.

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We strongly believe — and Texas insurance law supports us — that a work comp insurer must treat injured workers fairly, rather than simply focusing on profits and services to employers. If you have been victimized by a claim denial or serious delays, please contact the proven Texas Mutual workers’ comp dispute attorneys of Doyle today for a consultation on your legal options.