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Houston Workboat Accident Jones Act Lawyers

If you have been injured in a workboat accident in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of West Africa, or anywhere else in the world, the workboat accident lawyers of Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers in Houston, Texas, can provide experienced and effective legal representation.

We have a successful record of winning financial compensation for people injured on workboats throughout the world. We have recovered damages in workboat accident claims involving:

  • Towboats, push boats, tugboats, and barges along inland waterways
  • Crew boats carrying workers to offshore rigs
  • Supply boats servicing offshore rigs
  • Survey vessels
  • Seismic exploration vessels
  • Cruise ships, including Hawaiian, European, and Caribbean

Working aboard any maritime vessel, from a push boat to a cruise ship, presents unique challenges and dangers. The law provides special protection for maritime workers. At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, our maritime lawyers will clearly explain your right to financial recovery under the Jones Act and general maritime law.

We will investigate to determine the cause of your workboat accident and identify all liable parties. Our attorneys are known for their thorough preparation. We will go wherever we need to go—whether it is across the state or around the word—to build a solid case for our injured client.

If you have been injured at sea, you can rely on the accomplished maritime lawyers of Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers. To discuss the specifics of your Jones Act or maritime law case, please contact our office today.