U.K. Citizens Injured in the U.S.

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American Attorneys Fighting for U.K. Citizens’ Rights and Futures

We know from real-world experience the many differences between the legal systems in the United Kingdom and the United States. Several Doyle attorneys have spent substantial time immersed in the British justice system, making our firm one of a relative few prepared to deal with litigation that may involve overlap between the two countries.

If you are a British solicitor seeking legal counsel to assist you in a claim against a U.S. citizen or corporation, we want to help. If you are a U.K. citizen injured while working for a U.S. company or hurt on holiday in our home country, we encourage you to turn to us for informed legal guidance.

Injuries at Sea or on Flights — Litigation Against U.S. Individuals and Corporations

Our areas of focus include:

  • International and transnational litigation on behalf of maritime workers, professionals in other occupations and travelers injured in the U.S.
  • Collaboration with U.K. solicitors on cases we are confident can be resolved in U.S. federal or state courts
  • Lawsuits against powerful U.S. corporations we believe must be held liable for negligence

Not only can we discriminate between cases that must be handled within the U.K. and those that can be brought into U.S. courts, we have longstanding relationships throughout the U.K. that may prove essential for obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Michael P. Doyle has both distinguished himself in international litigation, as has proven lawyer Patrick M. Dennis. Mr. Doyle studied at the University of London, St. Mary’s College of Law and has maintained longstanding connections to British associates.

Our Skill, Confidence, and Success Rate Enables Us to Absorb Financial Risk

The benefits of enlisting us in your quest for justice for you, your family or another injured U.K. citizen are numerous. We have insight into court nuances, legal costs, and other valid concerns you may have. Our firm is financially solid and able to deal with international personal injury cases on a clear, unadulterated “no-fee, no-win” basis. Doyle attorneys travel frequently between the United States and the U.K.

Whether a serious accident due to negligence occurred at home or abroad, if it involves potential overlap between U.S. and U.K. legal systems and requires transnational communication and professional knowledge, please contact our Houston, Texas-based law firm today