Tylenol Liver Damage

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Leading Cause of Acute Liver Failure According to the FDA

Tylenol’s branding by parent company McNeil Consumer Healthcare has for years touted Tylenol as one of the safest over-the-counter drugs available. It is a household name and product used by generations of Americans. Yet Tylenol has also for years been a silent killer, and it poses serious health risks that send 26,000 people to the hospital yearly with acute liver failure due to acetaminophen poisoning. On average, 400 people die a year from acetaminophen-associated overdoses.

These events are not due to intentional overdosing. Instead, these are cases of therapeutic ingestion of the drug where the patient took staggered doses that contained more than the recommended dose. The reason for this lies in the narrow safety margin. There is little difference between the maximum dose and the dosage level that is potentially harmful if not fatal.

Marketing Deception

Tylenol and its parent company McNeil have portrayed the brand as the pinnacle of safety. Tylenol is synonymous with acetaminophen. The FDA reported eight billion doses had been purchased by the US public in 2005. The FDA also reports from 1998-2003, acetaminophen caused 48% of acute liver failure cases in the United States associated with accidental overdose. The narrow safety margin between recommended and dangerous levels of acetaminophen were listed as causes of accidental overdoses. However, none of this appeared on labels until recently. Only when pushed by the FDA did Tylenol change the label to lower the recommended dosage.

Many Americans are unaware of the dangers of acetaminophen versus the carefully crafted brand perception. The FDA also suggested that since consumers can purchase an unlimited quantity of Tylenol over the counter, the public has a perception of relative safety. The advertising strategy of McNeil has long been executed through commercials telling the consumer how many doctors and hospitals prescribe Tylenol. This has also helped mold the public perception of safety concerning Tylenol and its hidden dangers.

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