Transocean Offshore Injury Disputes

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Headlining Making Company for Gulf Accident

Transocean is an international offshore drilling services provider for energy companies and made headlines in 2010 for its part in the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Transocean owned and partly manned the rig.  Transocean specializes in drilling oil and gas wells in deepwater all over the world, including the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad, Brazil, Canada, Asia, Europe and West Africa and owns nearly half of the 50 or so deepwater platforms in the world. Transocean moved its headquarters from Houston, Texas to Switzerland approximately two years ago; however it still maintains a significant portion of its business operations in Houston.  Offshore injury disputes against Transocean require highly trained offshore injury lawyers like Doyle LLP.

Thousands of Workers in Dangerous Positions

Transocean rents its fleet of offshore rigs, including jackup rigs, floating rigs and barges, along with the equipment and personnel for operations, to oil and gas companies.  The volume of staff needed to operate the rigs and keep operations going means Transocean employs more than 18,000. Often these 18,000 workers are placed in dangerous and unsafe positions leading to injuries and sometimes death.  These injuries affect not only a worker but his family who depend on the income.

You May Have a Jones Act Case

If you have been injured on a Transocean rig or barge, your injury may fall under Jones Act or maritime law. Contact an attorney at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers to discuss your case and legal rights.