Tornado Claims for Business Interruption

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Doyle, LLP is comprosed of insurance litigation professionals who can help you take action against your commercial insurance carrier that has operated in bad faith by denying the full cost of building replacement and property repair.

If you have experienced any of the following after submitting a tornado damage claim, contact us today.

  • Denied property damage claims
  • Excessive reporting requirements for tornado damage incidents
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Failure to properly investigate and assess tornado damage claims promptly
  • Low-ball claims assessments and settlement offers
  • Accusations that your building did not meet specified code requirements

When your small- or medium-sized business is subject to a disaster that causes a shutdown, the damages that you suffer are not limited to the physical structure of your property. You are also suffering from lost revenue for the time that your business cannot operate. This loss to your business may also be covered by your insurance policy. Any interruption to your business caused by hail and wind may be catastrophic. You can lose not only steady income, but also customer loyalty and critical, one-time opportunities.