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Explosion and Burn Injuries Lawyer

If you or a family member has recently suffered burn injuries in an oil field explosion, fire at sea or other accident, you are likely facing potentially staggering medical costs and the challenges of a lengthy, difficult recovery. Burn injury treatment can involve multiple surgeries, which include painful skin grafts. Physical therapy or rehabilitative care may be necessary for many months or even years, and scarring may be lifelong or create a need for costly reconstructive surgery.

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, our attorneys have significant experience handling the complex litigation often necessary in burn injury, fire and explosion, and other maritime injury cases. If your employer and insurer are denying liability or offering monetary compensation that does not adequately address your current and future needs, please contact us now.

Oil Drilling and Refinery Accidents — Maritime Worker Injuries — Manufacturer Liability

Our past successes in explosion cases include obtaining monetary compensation for:

  • A worker injured in a Houston refinery explosion — aided by a settlement reported to be among the highest of all 70-plus workers injured
  • Several members of a Texas family devastated by a hot water heater explosion and fire in their residence, which we effectively demonstrated resulted from a defective product and faulty installation

Deep Experience in Serious Injury and Insurance Litigation

Burn injury cases typically require extensive investigation to prove liability and serious diligence in presenting the full costs and impact of the damage on victims’ lives. An employment-related case may require a lawyer versed in workers’ compensation or insurance bad faith. Industrial accidents and military contractor negligence can also result in chemical or electrical burns, for which treatment and recovery can be especially difficult.

What matters most to you, matters most to us after a fire or explosion causes burn injuries. Our leading-edge, trial-proven law practice is immersed in the causes of maritime workers and other people who are disabled in such serious accidents — and we are driven to fight to obtain the monetary compensation that can enable you to rebuild your life.

For the experienced legal counsel you need after an industrial accident or other catastrophic event, please call or e-mail us.