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Dedicated Advocates for Injured Shipping Industry Workers

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, we are versatile maritime law attorneys who understand the unique dangers faced by officers and crew members on tankers, cargo ships, container vessels and others involved in the transport of goods. We know that maritime workers may earn relatively high pay, but that compensation is necessary and well earned by maritime employees who risk their health and lives in countless ways.

With a firm grasp of the Jones Act and other statutes for the protection of shipping industry workers and their families, we file claims to hold U.S. shipping companies accountable for injury-causing negligence. Please contact us at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers to discuss what happened and the potential pursuit of your serious injury or wrongful death claim.

Put Directly Relevant Legal Experience to Work for You

Our many significant cases involving advocacy for blue-water maritime workers serving on cargo vessels, tankers and other ships include:

  • A very sizeable jury verdict for a supply ship captain who suffered back, head and neck injuries in a crew attack off the African coast, determined to be due to a major U.S. shipping company’s negligence in staffing the vessel
  • A seven-figure jury verdict to benefit a longstanding employee who suffered career-ending injuries aboard a tanker in the Gulf of Alaska

We will address your needs with care and determination, whether they arose from chemical exposure, burns, accidents related to an oil spill, preventable falls, or other catastrophic events — virtually anywhere in the world.

Leading the Fight for Workers Hurt on Tankers, Grain Carriers and Other Vessels

Your rights after incurring an injury on blue water may differ substantially from those of someone hurt on brown water, in a shore-based accident, or elsewhere. We are prepared to travel, investigate, enlist industry experts, and take other measures to pursue monetary compensation for workers injured on:

  • Container ships traversing the world to transport goods such as grain bound for Africa or consumer products from China
  • Tankers carrying oil and other combustible raw materials and chemicals — which subject maritime workers to risks of explosions, fires, and a range of other events that can cause serious injury and death

The end or alteration of your shipping industry career could be financially crippling for you and your family. We are practical maritime lawyers who will not only fight for your rights, but address the serious concerns and questions you likely have about maintenance and cure under the Jones Act. Please contact our respected Houston, Texas-based law firm today to discuss your potential legal case.