New Jersey Superstorm Apartment Building Damage Attorney

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At Doyle LLP, our attorneys are experienced litigators and passionate advocates for clients involved in disputes with insurance companies. Our focus is representing commercial property owners, including owners of New Jersey apartment buildings, whose insurance companies have failed to live up to contractual obligations after property damage occurs.

Apartment building owners whose insurers breach express or implied insurance contract terms may experience significant financial hardship and a lengthy interruption in business when storm-damaged buildings are unable to be adequately repaired in a timely manner. Consulting with a New Jersey superstorm apartment building damage attorney is often the right solution for apartment owners or operators who need assistance in resolving disputes when insurance companies refuse to pay covered claims as promised after a superstorm.

Insurance Bad Faith Holds Insurance Companies Accountable

Apartment owners generally transfer the risk of financial loss for both an interruption of business and for damage and destruction of property caused by superstorms. By accepting insurance premiums in exchange for a promise to provide coverage, insurance companies become contractually obligated not just to pay covered claims but also to process claims in a fair and reasonable manner to avoid unnecessary delays in repairs or reconstruction of storm-damaged spaces.

The obligations of insurers are not limited to express contractual terms, as law and public policy also dictate an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. The implied covenant imposes an obligation of reasonable claims-handling on insurers. In recognition of the damage that an unreasonable delay or insurance denial can cause to property owners, the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing also establishes a cause of action for bad faith.

Policyholders whose insurance companies are unreasonable in delaying, denying or undervaluing properties may file a tort lawsuit against the insurer for bad faith. This can allow for an insured New Jersey apartment owner to recover compensation that is in excess of what would normally be available in breach-of-contract claims and compensation that may be in excess of insurance policy limits.

Resolving Apartment Building Insurance Disputes in New Jersey after a Superstorm

A New Jersey superstorm apartment building damage lawyer should be consulted by apartment owners involved in ongoing disputes with insurance companies arising from violent storms. Payments should be made quickly for covered losses after storms and insured clients should explore possible bad faith claims and other solutions to get claims paid.

A Doyle LLP attorney can assist apartment complex owners in compelling insurance companies to keep their promises and provide payment for financial loss caused by any type of storm or covered catastrophic event. Our attorneys are both prepared to litigate bad faith claims and are able to resolve disputes out of court with uncooperative insurance companies that may become more willing to pay when a client has an experienced legal advocate that is unafraid of court action.

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