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A devastating superstorm swept through the mid-Atlantic and Northeast in October 2012, a natural disaster unlike anything that region had endured before. The storm-of-the-century elicited thousands of commercial and residential property insurance claims to cover enormous losses.

Few buildings can escape unscathed when superstorms roll through. Apartment buildings are one type of structure commonly impacted by colossal storms, leaving apartment owners with uninhabitable buildings and, consequently, financial uncertainty.

Rebuilding or repairing a damaged apartment building is a top priority after a superstorm, but insurance has to pay claims first. Many insurance companies have denied, delayed or undervalued claims after massive weather events, often leaving property owners feeling hopeless. When all hope seems lost, it is vital to seek assistance from an experienced superstorm apartment building damage attorney at Doyle LLP.

Superstorm Apartment Building Damage Claims

A superstorm can level an apartment, completely destroying the building and its contents. Even when buildings are left standing, superstorms commonly cause severe roof damage, wind damage or structural deficiencies. The common areas of a building or an apartment complex may sustain significant damage in the process. In some cases, the building may be a lost cause and a total loss, or slab claim, will need to be made.

Typically, apartment building owners will have insurance policies that cover the building and its structural components when a superstorm strikes. However, many apartment owners discover that insurance carriers are reluctant to act in good faith when claims are made. Insurance companies may:

  • Deny legitimate apartment building claims
  • Undervalue the extent of losses
  • Impose overly burdensome application requirements on those making insurance claims
  • Cause unreasonable delays in paying out claims

When this happens, apartment owners and investors could lose income. Unreasonable delays can cause income-producing renters never to return, resulting in financial hardship and business uncertainty.

A Superstorm Apartment Building Damage Lawyer Can Help

Apartment building owners who have had their structures damaged as a result of a superstorm should consult with an experienced attorney right away, particularly in:

Every insurance contract has an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and bad faith claims allow apartment building owners to take action when the insurer breaches this contract. A lawyer can take action for bad faith if the insurer has refused to pay for an apartment damage claim that should be covered.

A bad faith claim can result in an apartment building owner obtaining compensation in excess of insurance policy limits in certain cases, as insurers will be responsible not only for covering storm damage but also for incidental and punitive damages caused by bad faith in failing to pay claims.

At Doyle LLP, our dedicated superstorm apartment building damage claims attorneys are uniquely qualified to represent you. We have lawyers who previously worked for insurance companies, and we know how to forcefully persuade insurers with legal action.

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