Rio Grande Hail Storm Damage Claim Disputes

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Active 2012 Season for Valley

The spring of 2012 proved to be a busier hail and wind storm season for the Rio Grande Valley than the five years prior. Seven episodes affected large parts of the Valley and caused property damage in excess of $500 million. Many commercial and residential property owners have not settled with their insurance companies and have instead been subjected to bad faith practices. Episodes of severe weather resulting in massive amounts of property damage often spur insurance companies to go on the offensive; when they do, property owners need an advocate for their interests in order to achieve a fair resolution.

Delay, Dispute, Deny

Many commercial and residential property owners in the Rio Grande Valley have not been compensated by their insurance company for their damage claim. An insurance company may delay timely payments, dispute the damage and value or completely deny a legitimate claim. An insurance company may also attempt to use pre-existing damage as an excuse to lower the settlement whether that damage was pre-existent or not. Insurance companies may also start their claims process anticipating litigation and act accordingly using attorneys and other legal maneuvers to intimidate a policyholder into settling a claim.

Attorneys Can Fight Insurance Companies for You

Our attorneys have represented hundreds and hundreds of policyholders, and have in the past worked for insurance companies and they know the tactics they use. We have represented commercial and residential property owners after an event has caused massive damage to their business or home. Our firm approaches every case as though it will reach a trial phase; we never work a case as though settlement is the only option. Call our attorneys today to discuss your potential claim.