Fighting for Full Compensation of Qarmat Ali Exposure Victims

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Targeting Truth and Monetary Compensation for Qarmat Ali Exposure Victims

Our law firm currently represents a sizable group of U.S. National Guard soldiers in a claim against the Houston, Texas-based, major military contractor KBR, Inc., for knowingly allowing exposure to the toxic chemical sodium dichromate. This chemical, sometimes called hexavalent chromium, was widely present as an orange-colored dust that soldiers assigned to guard the Qarmat Ali water treatment plant in southern Iraq could not avoid inhaling.

Sodium dichromate or hexavalent chromium is a powerful carcinogen known to cause lung, nasal and other cancers, other severe respiratory problems and other medical problems. If you believe you or a loved one was exposed to this deadly toxin while deployed, please contact us at Doyle to discuss legal options for attempting to recover compensation.

Our firm, is prepared to file additional claims or take other measures on behalf of soldiers from Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon and North Carolina Guard units — or U.K. soldiers who also suffered sodium dichromate exposure at Qarmat Ali. Partner Michael P. Doyle is lead counsel nationwide in the Qarmat Ali litigation.

A Bold, Determined Approach to Obtaining Financial Help for Victims

We maintain that KBR’s negligence in allowing exposure and its refusal to heed service personnel’s health concerns justify monetary compensation of the victims and their families for:

  • Medical expenses related to the physical problems our clients have experienced, including holes in the septum known as “chrome nose” and in some cases respiratory or nasal cancer
  • Ongoing cancer testing and overall health monitoring to catch and treat illness as rapidly and comprehensively as possible
  • Other material and personal damages

We are prepared to thoroughly evaluate factors that may influence whether you should become a plaintiff in litigation against KBR. These include your time and place of service, physical symptoms now and then, family history and more. Because of the specific laws that apply, our work in Qarmat Ali exposure cases is limited to representation of military personnel, as opposed to those who suffered exposure while working for KBR or another private employer.

To learn more about KBR’s actions, media and government recognition of this under-publicized problem, and the status of litigation, we invite you to visit our separate Web site devoted entirely to these issues. If you are a victim of toxic exposure at Qarmat Ali, please call or e-mail our team of dedicated attorneys for caring, knowledgeable guidance you can trust.