Pharr Hail Storm Damage Claim Disputes

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The hail storms that struck the cities of McAllen, Mission, Pharr and other parts of South Texas, caused massive damage to commercial and residential property. Many policyholders are currently dealing with the insurance industry’s bad faith tactics. When events such as the hailstorm of March 2012 hit a widespread area, an insurance company knows an influx of claims will be coming. In order to minimize the amount of money they pay out, they begin to avoid responsibility and prepare for a legal battle.

The Signs of Bad Faith

Bad faith occurs when a legitimate claim is submitted by a policyholder to their insurer and the claim is improperly denied, delayed or disputed. The insurer may delay timely payments, dispute and undervalue damage or completely deny the claim based on an insufficient investigation of the claim. A policyholder does not have to accept the insurance company’s offered settlement. Hailstorms, such as the Pharr storm, often require extensive repairs to the roof and exterior of structures. An insurance company may take advantage of the type of damage and blame the property owner for not maintaining the roof and seize upon that excuse to lower their settlement offer. Tactics like this and others are commonplace among insurance companies especially when they are facing a large number of claims.

We Can Help

Insurance companies operate in a very different fashion than they did 10 years ago. Claims are set up ready for litigation rather than settlement. Insurance companies use their own lawyers to intimidate policyholders into accepting an unfair settlement. We can help if you have experienced insurance bad faith for your Pharr hailstorm claim. Call us today.