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Because of the specialized laws and regulations involved offshore oil rig injury lawyers are necessary when an oil rig injury occurs. Offshore fracking is scarcely regulated or monitored, so little has been documented about its effects. What is not debatable is the danger the offshore fracking process poses to those fracking workers exposed to toxic chemicals, explosions, oil and chemical spills, and a propensity for on-the-job injuries due to the inherent dangers of the work.

If you, or a loved one, have been injured while employed by an offshore fracking company, it is vital that you retain capable counsel at the outset of your claim in order to pursue the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. Surviving without income and being unable to support your family creates a tremendous amount of stress. The offshore fracking injuries lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers understand this and work with you minimize the delay in receiving the compensation you deserve. By aggressively pursuing all legal avenues surrounding your case, Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers attempts to minimize the wait while maximizing the result.

Federal Laws Governing Offshore oil rig Injuries

Workers’ injuries that occur on the high seas are covered under maritime law. This area of practice involves some of the most complex and intricate issues to be found in the legal system. Offshore fracking employees injured on a floating oil or natural gas rig may well be covered under the Jones Act, as the injury could be deemed to have occurred on a seagoing vessel.

If an employee is injured on an offshore drilling rig which is permanently affixed to the ocean floor, then The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act or other laws most likely apply. Knowing which law to proceed under, and understanding the complexities of proving each type of claim, often makes the difference in an injured worker’s ability to expeditiously receive compensation for injuries suffered.

Contested Claims for Injuries Suffered During Ocean Fracking

In theory, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system created to help employees receive compensation for work-related injuries. So when an offshore fracking worker is injured, there should be no contesting of the claim. In reality, employers, and specifically their insurance carriers, often treat a claim as an adversarial process and try to take advantage of injured employees and of inexperienced counsel.

The internationally recognized offshore oil rig injury lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers are time-tested in standing up for the rights of injured offshore fracking workers in the face of the denial and stalling tactics employed by recalcitrant insurance carriers. The optimum time to contact a lawyer experienced in the offshore fracking claims process is before the claim is even filed. With our track record of successfully suing maritime employers and insurers for bad faith practices, wrongdoers are on notice that they would be ill-advised to deny or delay a legitimate claim for clients of Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers.

Offshore Fracking Jobs: Riddled with Hazards

Working on offshore drilling rigs is known to be among the most hazardous of employment. However, the compensation for offshore fracking workers is among the highest if a claim is properly presented by an experienced offshore fracking attorney. Injuries suffered in offshore fracking jobs include:

  • Exposure to chemicals: The chemicals in fracking fluid are protected as proprietary “trade secrets,” thus the exact chemical makeup is not known to the public.

  • Explosions: Serious injuries result from both the initial explosion as well as resulting fire and exposure to potentially toxic fumes.

  • Oil spills: Exposure to oil spills causes headaches, memory problems, asthma, persistent cough, bronchitis, and even cancer.

  • Accidents caused by extreme fatigue: 20-hour shifts are common for oil and gas workers routinely pressured by employers to work long hours.

  • Injuries to neck, back, knee and shoulder: The often-difficult working environment lends itself injuries to these parts of the body

  • Transportation injuries: Travel to and from oil rigs, especially by helicopter in poor weather conditions, has proven to be fraught with peril for those being transported.

  • Death: Fracking workers are seven times more likely to die on the job compared to national industrial worker averages.

  • Exposure to crystalline silica: OSHA has specifically warned that crystalline silica can cause lung damage and lead to a variety of ailments, including cancer.

  • Other toxic airborne exposures: Because of the secretive nature of the industry, medical researchers are only beginning to understand the effects of long-term exposure to the airborne chemicals to which workers are routinely exposed.

  • Loss of limbs and paralysis: Major industrial accidents causing permanent life-changing conditions are far more frequent in offshore fracking jobs than in other industries.

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers Involves Medical and Vocational Experts

The offshore oil rig injury lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers are highly accomplished litigators. As your advocates, we gather all the pertinent evidence, including incident reports, witness statements, governmental investigations, and medical records as well as subpoenaing the insurance carrier’s file. In a perfect world the insurance carrier will quickly and fairly adjust your claim, and compensation will be forthcoming in a reasonable time. This is often the way cases play out for Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers.

In those unfortunate instances where a maritime employer or insurance carrier decides to act in bad faith, offshore oil rig injury lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers will relentlessly pursue you claim. This includes retaining both medical and vocational experts to help us advocate for your best results. Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers will vigorously fight on your behalf to obtain for you the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

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