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Gulf Coast Oil Rig Accident Attorney

One of the deadliest accidents at sea involves offshore Explosion on oil drilling platforms, rigs and other marine vessels in the Gulf Coast area. Seamen and workers can suffer severe burns and fatal injuries that leave families shocked and grieving for the loved one. Oil rig accidents and vessel collisions and even helicopter accidents can also result in offshore explosions that injure and kill many maritime workers every year.

With offices in Houston and Galveston, Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers offers experienced representation to people injured and families losing loved one in offshore explosion. Our maritime lawyers assist clients with recovering benefits and other forms of compensation for their maritime injuries.

Jones Act Claims in Oil, Gas, and Ship Explosions Offshore

Contact us today to discuss your maritime or oil rig accident, including offshore explosions. We can help workers collect federal benefits under the Jones Act covering maritime workers seeking to collect financial support for medical treatment, missing wages and other related expenses. We also handle claims where employers delay payments or deny claims. Families losing loved ones may also file for compensation under the Jones Act.

Addressing Offshore Explosions across the Gulf Coast

When oil companies and workers fail to follow international safety standards or work with defective or poorly maintained equipment, explosions can cause devastating injuries due to:

  • Oil and gas line ruptures
  • Objects stuck in pipelines
  • Defective pipeline parts
  • Objects falling onto gas lines
  • Corroded or leaking pipelines
  • Oil rig and platform collisions
  • Vessels hitting high pressure lines

Our firm handles cases involving explosions, helicopter accidents and other offshore and inland maritime injury accident claims throughout the Gulf of Mexico, across the country and around the world. Our international maritime attorneys have successfully negotiated and litigated hundreds of claims.

If you have been injured in an explosion or other maritime accident, turn to the skilled Texas Offshore Explosion Lawyer of Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers today. Contact us for effective legal representation that gets results.