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New Jersey retail centers are thriving business marketplaces. All stakeholders – from the strip center owner to the proprietors renting merchant space to the hourly employees – rely on the functionality of the space to do business and make a living.

When Hurricane Sandy pummeled New Jersey in October 2012, retail center damage caused significant financial strain when insurance companies failed to respond properly to many retail centers’ owners damage claims. Property owners have insurance coverage to protect against storm damage and to ensure strip centers are restored or rebuilt to pre-storm conditions.

Insurance companies are obligated to live up to their promises and pay legitimate claims on time and in full. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies do this. If your insurer is refusing to fully pay a claim, a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy retail center damage attorney at Doyle can help.

Examples of Insurance Bad Faith in New Jersey

A number of problems with your insurance company may arise when attempting to make a claim for damage after Hurricane Sandy. Some of the issues faced by strip center owners include:

  • Insurance companies undervaluing the cost of repairs or the cost of replacement
  • Insurance companies creating lengthy delays and imposing burdensome and unreasonable requirements to make it difficult for businesses to close their claims
  • Insurance companies undervaluing business losses and refusing to pay business interruption claims in full
  • Insurance companies denying legitimate claims

Litigation can be pursued against insurance companies that behave in this bad faith manner. Insurers have a legal obligation to adhere to the agreed-upon terms set forth in an insurance contract, which has an implied promise of good faith and fair dealing. Those in New Jersey victimized by insurance bad faith are prudent to retain an attorney who will forcefully assert their legal right to be dealt with in good faith.

Contact a NJ Hurricane Sandy Retail Center Damage Lawyer

If your New Jersey retail strip center was damaged during Hurricane Sandy, you need a strong legal advocate to fight against insurance bad faith. A Hurricane Sandy retail center damage lawyer at Doyle LLP will escalate the matter through litigation and pursue the full compensation you are entitled to. If an insurer is deemed to be acting in bad faith, remuneration can be pursued to compensate for business interruption and lost income. This punitive amount can exceed the limit of the insurance policy.

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