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Hurricane Sandy caused massive destruction throughout the East Coast and, with billions in losses, was among the costliest hurricanes in U.S. history. After the hurricane, promises of help were made to those who endured property damage.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies facing huge numbers of hurricane claims decided to focus on protecting profits rather than dutifully serving their loyal customers. There have been numerous New Jersey Hurricane Sandy property insurance disputes and many policyholders are still waiting to have their claims paid or have had their claims wrongfully denied.

Insurance companies are obligated by law to provide fair and expedient service when customers submit legitimate damage claims. If an insurance company acts in an unfair way, policyholders have the right to begin litigating the matter in court. A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy property damage attorney from Doyle can help.

Insurance Companies Exhibiting Bad Faith in New Jersey

Commercial property insurance holders in New Jersey expected to have their claims fulfilled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Regrettably, insurance companies use a lot of different schemes to avoid paying covered losses. Some of the underhanded tactics include:

  • Imposing unreasonable and burdensome requirements on policyholders trying to make claims
  • Causing excessive delays and refusing to pay out or process claims in a timely manner
  • Undervaluing the extent of losses to a building or the extent of losses caused by damaged property inside a building
  • Insisting on repair of a building when a total rebuild is required
  • Undervaluing the extent of lost business income when a commercial property is destroyed
  • Unreasonably denying or refusing to cover legitimate losses that the policy should protect against

When insurance companies behave dishonestly, you have certain legal rights. You have the right to negotiate a better settlement of your claim. You also have the legal right to take action for bad faith if an insurance company won’t pay as promised. A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy property damage lawyer can pursue a bad faith claim, and you may be able to obtain compensation that is higher than your policy limits under certain circumstances.

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It is unconscionable when an insurance company denies, delays or undervalues legitimate claims. At Doyle, our New Jersey Hurricane Sandy property damage attorneys will fight on your behalf to get your claim paid. We have extensive experience taking on dishonest and unfair insurance companies and we will compel your insurer to act in good faith as the law dictates.

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