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When an office building is damaged or destroyed, it creates major economic problems for the owner of the building. Insurance is purchased to cover the business interruption the damage causes, but insurance companies often fail in their obligations to policyholders.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, countless New Jersey insurance customers are still waiting for legitimate claims to be paid. Despite rightful pleas and evidence of property destruction from policyholders, insurers are treating customers with indifference.

If your commercial entity was impacted by the October 2012 superstorm, a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy office building damage attorney can help. At Doyle, our experienced litigators have helped clients throughout the United States whose buildings were damaged by violent weather and whose insurers did not pay as promised.

Taking Your Dispute to the Halls of Justice

When an office building is damaged by a storm, the property and business interruption insurance policies should cover not only the repair of the building but also business interruption and loss of business income. Doyle recognizes that New Jersey business owners are desperate to relaunch their commercial operations, and we are prepared to litigate any property insurance dispute to make up for lost income.

The underlying covenant of every insurance policy is an obligation of the insurer to act in “good faith and fair dealing.” If an insurance company unreasonably delays, denies or undervalues a legitimate property damage claim, it is in violation of the law. New Jersey policyholders have a right to demand that their insurers act in good faith, which may necessitate legal action.

Turn to a NJ Hurricane Sandy Office Building Damage Lawyer

At Doyle, our New Jersey Hurricane Sandy office building damage lawyers have extensive experience representing building owners after damaging storms. Some of our litigators previously worked for law firms that represented members of the insurance industry, so we know the extent to which insurers will try to disservice policyholders – and at which point they will succumb to litigation from a competent trial attorney.

We will hire construction experts to accurately pinpoint the dollar amount of property destruction and we will argue for the maximum compensation that your insurance policy provides. If the courts determine that your insurer acted in bad faith, you may be compensated for lost income related to business interruption – a dollar figure that may go above and beyond the limit of the insurance policy.

Our goal is to get your New Jersey office building back to profitability. Contact a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy office building damage lawyer at Doyle LLP today. The consultation is free. Call now: (888) 571-1001.