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Whether an industrial building is an investment or business operation, a damaging storm can cause operations to cease. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey, industrial building owners and business operators suffered significant financial setbacks after the storm derailed normal business activities.

Insurance is designed to protect policyholders from storm losses. Policies are effective only if the insurance company does what it promises: covers all losses and pays claims in a timely manner. Laws exist to force insurance companies to honor contracts and pay out as promised, but insurers still act in bad faith by avoiding payment or intentionally underestimating claim values.

New Jersey policyholders stuck in a bad faith spiral need a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage attorney to help. At Doyle, our attorneys have helped clients with industrial buildings throughout the United States to have losses paid after violent storms. We are here and ready to help with your matter.

Industrial Building Damage Claims in New Jersey

The damage from Hurricane Sandy along the East Coast was extensive, but New Jersey was hit especially hard. Many industrial buildings suffered heavy damage, including wind and roof damage resulting from 80+ mph winds.

If your commercial property was damaged and the insurance company is acting in bad faith, a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage lawyer can assist. A Doyle litigator will:

  • Demonstrate the extent of your losses by hiring construction experts and contractors to estimate the real cost of repair or replacement
  • Take legal action against the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder for insurance bad faith

You have the right to have your losses covered by your insurance policy; you pay for protection from financial loss. When the insurer chooses not to provide the coverage they promised or unfairly values a claim, you need an advocate representing your interests and rights.

Retain a New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Industrial Building Damage Lawyer

At Doyle, our New Jersey Hurricane Sandy industrial building damage lawyers know how important it is to resolve your insurance dispute in a timely manner. Insurers are obligated by law to act in good faith and our firm is prepared to hold them accountable by litigating the matter in court. Doyle has helped other clients recoup rightful compensation from insurance companies after violent storms and we will help you pick up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy.

To learn more about how we can help with your claim, complete our online form or give us a call today at (888) 571-1001 to schedule an evaluation of your case.