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Many businesses in New Jersey were affected by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. For days, weeks or months, businesses had to close as major parts of New Jersey were destroyed and as commercial entities tried to cope with severe wind damage, roof damage or other harm as a result of the storm.

New Jersey business owners who were affected by the hurricane may have financial losses from the storm covered by a business interruption insurance policy. Making a claim under this type of policy can be difficult and getting an insurance company to pay out a fair settlement is an uphill battle.

An experienced New Jersey Hurricane Sandy business interruption attorney can assist in taking action against an insurer that has delayed or unreasonably denied payment of legitimate business interruption losses. At Doyle LLP, we have extensive experience with business interruption claims and we are here to help with your case.

New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Business Interruption Claims

Despite the fact that Hurricane Sandy caused more than $68 billion in losses, insurance carriers have unreasonably shirked contractual obligations in their clients’ time of greatest need. As a result, many New Jersey businesses are still trying to get Hurricane Sandy damage claims paid.

When an insurance company unreasonably denies claims, the insurer is said to be acting in bad faith. Insured business owners affected by bad faith can pursue a legal claim to obtain compensation from the insurer. A bad faith cause of action, which is based on the legal premise that every insurance contract has an implied promise of good faith and fair dealing, can result in a business owner obtaining significant compensation from the insurer.

An insurance company acting in bad faith can be responsible not just for losses caused by the original covered storm damage but also for additional incidental damage resulting from insurance claims delays. The compensation in a bad faith claim for a New Jersey business owner may sometimes exceed the coverage limits of the original insurance policy.

A New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Business Interruption Lawyer Can Help

At Doyle LLP, we know how frustrating it can be when insurance companies don’t pay as promised and we have made it our goal to stand up for those individuals and businesses who are victimized by insurance bad faith.

If an insurance company is unreasonable in its treatment of a claim, we will litigate the matter to recover full compensation for losses. In some cases, with punitive damages and coverage for other losses, the payout in a bad faith claim will provide a business owner with a significant payout from the insurer.

Our law firm is uniquely qualified to help New Jersey business owners obtain full compensation for insurance bad faith. We have assisted clients throughout the United States who sustained losses due to insurance companies’ failures to pay claims after major storms.

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