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Gulfport Injury & Damages Attorney

The right Mississippi maritime accident lawyers and firm for your case may be based in another state. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers is a firm with a proven track record in serious injury and property damage cases impacting people throughout the United States, and even those occurring in international waters.

Wherever you or a family member working in the maritime industry was injured, your future may depend on your attorney’s knowledge of the federal Jones Act and the firm’s ability to overcome wealthy, powerful adversaries. If your business has been damaged or shut down due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, you can also contact us with confidence in our ability to handle insurance disputes and action against the likes of BP, Transocean and Halliburton.

Dedicated Legal Help for Injured Maritime Workers and Coastal Business Owners

Our dedicated lawyers have handled and tried many cases involving maritime injuries suffered in Gulf Coast waters, on other commercial waterways and inland. We are prepared to evaluate your case involving injuries or damage suffered:

  • While working on a barge, tugboat, dredge vessel or other ship or boat on the Mississippi River or the Tennessee-Tombigbee (Tenn-Tom) waterway
  • At work aboard ship or on shore in a Gulf Coast or inland port in Mississippi, such as the Port of Pascagoula, Port of Biloxi, Port of Vicksburg, Port of Natchez, Gulfport or others
  • As a Mississippi business owner subjected to major property damage and business interruption because of an oil spill, hurricane or other catastrophic event

Among our multimillion-dollar recoveries in serious maritime injury cases, we represented a Mississippi resident who suffered a life-changing back injury in a helicopter accident. When being transported back to shore from an offshore oil platform, Melvin Pace and other crewmen were victimized by a helicopter fire and crash. Finding Houston Helicopters negligent in events surrounding the Gulf of Mexico crash, a Texas jury awarded Mr. Pace $2.6 million (Pace v. Houston Helicopters, Inc. – (Attorneys Fees: $820,000; Expenses: $117,502.70)

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, ports throughout the state contribute well over $1 billion to the state’s economy and account for more than 30,000 direct and indirect jobs. What happened to you matters to us at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, and we are pleased to offer an honest, free case evaluation and representation on a full contingency basis — so that you do not have to worry about added financial risk.