Mission Hail Storm Damage Claim Disputes

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Recovering After the Storm

The storms of March 2012 struck Mission, Texas and other areas in the Rio Grande Valley. It caused massive damage to commercial and residential properties. Many policyholders are still waiting for their insurance company to settle their damage claim. An insurance company avoiding timely payment for their own advantage is acting in bad faith.

Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to honor its obligation to a policyholder and delays, denies, and disputes legitimate claims. Often an insurance company will attempt to undervalue a claim by stating the damage they found was caused by prior events or lack of maintenance by the property owner. If an insurance company offers a settlement a policyholder feels is less than the amount owed, legal action may be taken. For the Mission hail storms, the event was well-documented and impacted a large area. When mass devastation occurs from a storm or other natural event, insurance companies receive a number of legitimate claims. In order to mitigate their costs, they often attempt to shirk responsibility and not pay what was owed under the terms of the policy.

We Can Help

Insurance companies are accountable for their actions and the financial burden they impose on their policyholders for their own gain. Our attorneys have extensive experience in litigation against insurance companies for many types of commercial and residential property claims. If you experienced damage from the Mission hailstorms of 2012 and an insurance company is acting in bad faith, call Doyle today.