Getting Maintenance and Cure

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Prioritizing Your Offshore Injury Medical Treatment and Financial Well-Being

Workers in the oil-and-gas industry and other offshore occupations accept daily hazards and risks considered extreme by the bulk of our population.  These hazards and risks can lead to the need of extensive offshore injury medical treatment. Vessel captains, divers, dredge workers, riggers, and roughnecks, are skilled jobs with relatively high pay.  As such, the damage caused by a work injury may leave a significant financial impact.

However, when a seaman or other maritime employee suffers a severe injury, that worker has a right to expect what is widely known as maintenance and cure under the Jones Act or other laws. At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, our dedicated lawyers offer legal and practical guidance to workers injured off the Gulf Coast of South Texas and around the world, and we will treat you with care and respect through every phase of negotiation or litigation required to help you get needed maintenance and cure.

Protecting and Asserting Your Rights Under the Jones Act and Other Laws

We have a firm grasp of your rights under the Jones Act — rights that may include payments addressing time loss, medical bills and contractual wages. Our attorneys diligently investigate and analyze maritime injury cases we handle in pursuit of maintenance and cure payments, which means:

  • Payment of or reimbursement for all necessary medical expenses (“cure”)
  • “Maintenance” payments to replace wages and cover reasonable and necessary living expenses for you and your family

Immersion in Maritime Law Enables Us to Target Monetary Compensation

When maintenance and cure is willfully denied to a qualified maritime worker, we take aggressive action to secure this compensation for our clients. Under recently enacted changes to the law, our legal options may include pursuit of punitive damages that can increase your total compensation — as well as payment of maintenance and cure.

Factors like this make it essential to bring your concerns to a proven maritime law firm rather than an attorney or firm with limited direct experience in litigation under the Jones Act or Longshore and Harbor Workers Act.

We empathize with the anxiety and concerns our clients have about getting maintenance and cure after an accident that prevents them from working. If you have been injured offshore or due to a vessel owner’s negligence in your longshore occupation, please contact our respected Houston, Texas-based law firm. You can benefit from our dedication and experience in hundreds of Jones Act claims and other maritime injury cases.