Maritime/Jones Act Concerns and Questions

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Skilled Jones Act Lawyers in Houston and Galveston, Texas

With decades of experience representing injured maritime workers and their families around the world, our team of accomplished trial attorneys has an excellent understanding of practical concerns that arise in these claims. After an accident on an oil field, on a vessel, or in a shore-based occupation, we are prepared to work closely with you and serve as results-driven advocates for your recovery and future.

We know that you may become aware of your need for legal help soon after a fire, fall, impact or other accident — or it may become apparent months later, when it becomes clear that your employer is not meeting its obligations or prioritizing your needs. Please contact our dedicated maritime injury lawyers today at Doyle for the guidance and representation you need to emerge from this crisis with the monetary compensation you need.

Building Your Case and Applying the Pressure Required to Help You Recover

One overriding issue for oil and shipping industry workers is that there is no single government body, similar to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, enforcing employer compliance with the Jones Act. Disputes are unfortunately common when employers and insurers deny liability, deny your claim, or prematurely stop paying for essential medical treatment and living expenses.

Determination to Make a Difference for Your Personal and Financial Future

Your valid concerns may center on issues such as:

  • Reporting of your maritime/Jones Act injury
  • Getting the maintenance and cure you need under the law, to the full extent and for the full period you need
  • The costs and repercussions of filing a lawsuit against your maritime employer — including whether you will be unable to work again in the industry
  • How you will support yourself and your family if you cannot or choose not to continue in a maritime occupation
  • Whether you will receive monetary compensation if the accident aggravated a pre-existing health condition

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All of these matters are familiar territory to the legal team at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, and we strive to deliver straight answers, sound guidance and essential support as well as legal action. Call or e-mail us today to speak with a compassionate and skilled attorney about your problems and legal options.