Offshore Tool Injuries

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Doyle LLP has experienced offshore tool injuries lawyers, who represent crew-members and offshore workers with the ability to seek full compensation for the damages caused by negligent offshore companies.  Tool injuries among commercial oil crews, seamen, fishermen and boat crews are common and often serious. Vibration from heavy power tools often cause hand, arm and back injuries that are more common at sea than on land. When using a piece of heavy equipment on an oil rig, often under adverse wave and weather conditions, injuries can be more serious and life-threatening. Using any kind of power equipment onboard a vessel at sea is dangerous. A rolling, heaving deck offers no base of support and sudden jolts can turn a power tool into a dangerous weapon.

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If you suffered an injury onboard a vessel or on a dock while working with drilling equipment or other kinds of power tools, talk to a maritime law injury lawyer at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers as soon as possible. Recovering money damages from your vessel owner under U.S. admiralty laws requires knowledge and experience that most personal injury attorneys lack. Maritime injury claims fall under federal or state jurisdiction. No matter where you were injured in U.S. coastal or inland waters, you have the option of hiring a qualified maritime law attorney who will work with local counsel in your city.

The Jones Act was established in 1920 as a means to give commercial seamen, fishermen, boat crews and longshoremen an avenue to seek compensation and maintenance and cure for medical treatment and lost earnings while recovering from a shipboard injury.

Attorneys at our firm stand up and give a voice to the fight for justice for commercial seamen and water workers injured in accidents on oil rigs, vessels or docks. Based in Houston, with offices in Galveston, we have earned recognition as a prominent admiralty injury claims law firm, representing injured oil workers, seamen and their families nationwide. It makes sense to work with one of the nation’s most recognized maritime personal injury law firms.

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Injuries at sea can leave you frustrated and concerned about your future. We understand that. We have helped thousands of injured oil workers, merchant seamen and fishermen get fast, fair treatment for the compensation they need for themselves and their families. Our firm focuses on providing the most efficient, effective litigation services possible. We rely on decades of experience to move cases along quickly and help our clients get the money they need for their injury claims.

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