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Admiralty and maritime law is a complex area governed by a variety of federal statutes. Your rights and opportunities to recover monetary compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws may be much different than those in any other type of injury case.

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In addition to hundreds of cases involving drilling rigs, barges, tugboats, other vessels, oil platforms and transport helicopters on U.S. waterways, our attorneys at Doyle have handled numerous maritime law cases originating in international and foreign waters. If you need a lawyer to evaluate your maritime injury claim, contact our firm today.

Jones Act and 905(b) Claims — Fatal Accidents — International Cases

We focus on serious maritime accidents and injuries, wherever they occur along the Gulf Coast or elsewhere. You can depend on our ability to handle:

Successful recoveries for victims of serious injury

Recent maritime cases we have successfully resolved include substantial verdicts and settlement awards for:

  • A boat captain severely injured in a mutiny off the coast of Angola
  • The victim of an accident aboard the dredging vessel Pontchartrain, for which the Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company was found 100 percent liable
  • Injuries suffered by a captain being transferred in a personnel basket between vessels in the Gulf of Mexico
  • A Mississippi man who suffered chemical burns and spinal injuries in an offshore helicopter crash — involving negligence in rescue efforts by defendant Houston Helicopters, Inc.
  • A mechanic on a seismic survey vessel operated by WesternGeco Resources, Inc., who suffered permanent spinal injuries when his head struck an improperly placed beam, resulting in a Jones Act claim and verdict affirmation in trial court


Our attorneys are prepared to take a serious look at your claim and potential case. Ours is one of a select few Texas law firms with extensive experience in international litigation, and we have clear strengths in personal injury, maritime, insurance bad faith, property insurance disputes, hurricane damage and other claims against powerful entities.

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