Key Aspects of International Litigation

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Attorneys Able to Navigate International Systems on Your Behalf

Many sizable U.S. law firms may have one attorney with legal experience abroad. Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers of Houston and Galveston, Texas, both our founding partners and multiple associates have proven their skills in handling or contributing to our international litigation work, primarily within the realm of serious personal injury.

We have achieved favorable outcomes for U.S. citizens injured on sea, ski or land in various international locations. Our track record includes numerous six-figure and seven-figure trial verdicts and settlements. Whether you are a fellow attorney or the victim of an accident with a U.S. connection but international reach, we invite you to contact us for a case evaluation.

Attorney Mike Doyle studied at the University of London, St. Mary’s College of Law, and he has maintained valuable professional associations in the U.K. and across Europe throughout his distinguished career. Partner Mike Doyle and Partner Patrick Dennis have substantial international experience gained at large law firms.

A History of Success Bringing International Cases Into U.S. Courts

Our practice has been international in scope since our founding, and we continue to build on critical strengths such as:

  • Proven ability to communicate well with U.K. lawyers and other legal counselors in Europe and around the world
  • Extensive understanding of the U.K. legal system, with its clear differences in rules covering evidence and expert testimony, standards for awarding monetary compensation, and other aspects of litigation
  • A reputation for skill and integrity extending far from our main office in Houston, Texas — leading to a stream of international maritime, insurance-related, and other matters we can handle efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Financial resources enabling us to handle serious personal injury litigation on a “no-win, no-fee” contingency basis

We Will Welcome Your Inquiry and Treat You With Care and Respect

Our team of attorneys is willing and able to travel globally on behalf of our clients. In most situations, our mission is to bring high-value cases into the U.S. court system — where juries decide trial outcomes and the injured or grieving are frequently awarded more sizable monetary compensation than in other nations’ legal systems.

To discuss your needs and potential case with an attorney experienced in many forms of international litigation, please call or e-mail us anytime.