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Having your home or business struck by a tornado is a very frightening experience that can result in uncertainty, loss, and damage. In May 2011, just such an experience occurred to innumerable homeowners and business owners in Joplin, Missouri. Individuals, families, and small to medium-size business owners suffered heavy destruction to property. Some of them were further traumatized when insurance carriers delayed, undervalued or denied their property damage claims. Doyle LLP was there to help those people pursue rightful compensation through litigation.

How a Joplin Tornado Damage Attorney Can Help

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that insurance companies will often discount, delay, or deny claims filed by policyholders. This is done to protect their bottom line; by paying you as little as possible, they can maintain high profitability. When it comes to tornado damage, your claim deserves to be thoroughly and fairly investigated so that your life and/or business can be restored. At Doyle LLP, you can turn to a Joplin tornado damage attorney who understands how vital your claim is to your future and who has the knowhow, skills, and persistence to be effective. We will ensure that a full investigation is conducted and that your claim will be prepared and presented in the most compelling manner.

Preeminent Insurance Litigation Firm Serving Joplin

Our firm is well-known and respected as a preeminent insurance litigation firm. We represent homeowners and commercial policyholders throughout the state in all types of property damage claims, including those involving hail damage, tornado damage, windstorm damage, and hurricane damage. We are extremely experienced in resolving bad faith insurance claim disputes. We start with a free consultation to discuss your claim situation with you. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you pay nothing until your claim is successfully resolved.

Trouble Settling Your Joplin Tornado Damage Claim?

You can get the straightforward answers you need about your Joplin tornado claim dispute from an experienced attorney at our firm. When you bring a property damage claim to us, we don’t automatically rely on estimates given by your insurance company adjuster. We conduct our own investigation using independent contractors, engineers, roofers, and other professionals as well as independent adjusters. This evaluation results in a thorough, detailed report concerning actual damage and a truer estimate of your losses. This independent assessment is what sets us apart from other firms in the industry.

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Our firm is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in our insurance litigation practice. Our accomplished attorneys have been the recipients of numerous awards and distinctions, including being named as Super Lawyers and Best Lawyer in America. Founding attorneys Michael Doyle and
Mike Doyle

have further demonstrated their professionalism by achieving Board Certification in Texas which is the highest professional status attainable for attorneys in the state. These seasoned litigators have more than four decades of combined experience alone between them. Our entire legal team understands that our work can affect your life and business for many years to come. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with the effective legal help you need. Contact us today to discuss your claim and legal options.