Inland Marine Injuries

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Galveston Inland Marine Injuries Lawyer

navigating rivers, lakes and inland waterways throughout the Gulf Coast also qualify to collect federal benefits under the Jones Act and maritime laws.  Understanding your legal rights to make such claims necessitates hiring inland marine injuries lawyer with skills in bringing forward the appropriate legal claims to recover the full amount of your damage.

The experienced Houston maritime injury lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers advise and represent seamen and dock workers collecting compensation for a wide range of maritime law claims, including inland marine injuries. We serve clients throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, across the nation and around the world.

Skilled Texas Maritime Lawyers Fighting Hard for Your Rights

  • Did your inland marine injuries happen on push boat, drilling barge, dredge, fishing boat or other or commercial vessel?
  • Was your claim for medical treatment and related expenses delayed or denied by your employer?
  • Was a third party involved in your accident?

Contact an attorney at our Houston law firm for immediate representation. Our firm offers extensive, nationwide and international maritime law experience that can successfully help you recover the full financial compensation you need and deserve.

Benefits and Third Party Claims in a Maritime Accident

Just as offshore oil platforms and drilling rigs must be safe, and ocean-going tanker and cargo ships must operate in safe and seaworthy condition, marine workers on inland vessels are also entitled to safe working conditions. Crews and workers are entitled to collect benefits for medical care, lost wages and other related expenses.

Inland marine injuries due to negligence by a third party, such as helicopter crashes on oil platforms at sea or vessel collisions on a river, may also result in claims and potential third party lawsuits against other individuals or companies. Maritime laws are complex, requiring specialized help from a lawyer with personal injury experience. Our maritime injuries law firm represents people nationwide and elsewhere in the world who are injured on any inland waterway, including:

  • Galveston Bay to Lake Houston
  • Houston Ship Channel
  • Port of Houston
  • Brazos River
  • Mississippi River
  • Lake Pontchartrain
  • Port of New Orleans
  • Red River
  • Sabine River

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