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Working on a barge or tug and pilot vessels used for moving barges into place is among the most dangerous occupations at sea. Heavy, taut lines required for making up or unfacing a barge often give way suddenly under pressure. Equipment and wet lines are often too heavy for the few deckhands assigned to the task, causing serious lifting injuries. The very nature of making up two or more heavy vessels in an unpredictable sea or river environment creates unfortunate opportunities for crush injuries and falls from sudden acceleration or collisions.

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Did you suffer a lifting, fall or other type of injury in an accident involving a barge while working on a commercial vessel at sea or on an inland waterway? Under U.S. admiralty law, you are entitled to seek compensation from the owner of the vessel responsible for your employment as a maritime worker. Talk to a member of our maritime injury litigation team at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers. Our firm represents injured barge and tug workers, longshoremen and commercial water workers injured in maritime accidents anywhere in U.S. coastal or inland waters. Based in Houston, and with offices in Galveston, Texas, we are recognized as one of the leading Gulf Coast and national admiralty law firms.

Let us help you obtain the full and fair money damages you deserve after suffering a lifting or other type of barge accident injury. We represent injured seamen and their families across the nation. You are counting on compensation for your injuries. Don’t trust your case to less than one of the nation’s most recognized maritime personal injury law firms.

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Get the answers you need for your admiralty law injury claim. We are experienced. We are knowledgeable. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with one of our maritime barge injury lawyers. We handle all maritime injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay attorneys’ fees unless we help you recover compensation.