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When you sustain damage to your roof as a result of a hurricane, your insurance company is supposed to compensate you. Unfortunately, insurers sometimes deny claims, try to pay less than they should, or fail to recognize that a roof damage claim may necessitate replacement rather than repair.

Getting your roof back to pre-storm condition is essential, and the Hurricane Sandy roof damage attorneys at Doyle LLP are here to help. We will negotiate with the insurer on your behalf and we won’t rest until the roof on your commercial property is as good as new.

Problems with Hurricane Sandy Roof Damage Claims

Hurricane Sandy caused rampant roof damage as it plowed through the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Commercial roofs were peeled away and many homeowners lost shingles on their houses.

Not surprisingly, most insurance companies will simply want to patch or replace damaged shingles, especially on older roofs. A patched roof instead of a new intact roof can cause your structure to lose value. You may also have leaks inside from the roof damage that need proper repair that your insurance company may be reluctant to cover in full.

You can get full coverage to have your roof restored or replaced, but you will need to be prepared to fight for what you deserve from the insurance company. A Hurricane Sandy roof damage attorney at Doyle can help.

How a Hurricane Sandy Roof Damage Lawyer Can Assist You

Roof damage is something to take very seriously, as a compromised roof can be a major red flag that turns off potential buyers and can cause further problems during the time when you live in your home or occupy a commercial building.

Getting your roof fixed effectively and quickly is essential, and a Hurricane Sandy roof damage lawyer will assist you in:

  • Identifying coverage under your insurance policy related to roof damage
  • Demonstrating the extent of the roof damage and proving why repair or replacement is appropriate
  • Negotiating to get you the money you need to restore your roof and to repair damage

If your insurer is unwilling to pay a reasonable amount for your roof damage claim, a Hurricane Sandy wind roof damage attorney can help.

Types of Hurricane Sandy Roof Damage Claims

At Doyle LLP, we can handle all types of Hurricane Sandy roof insurance disputes, including claims arising from:

  • Homes, townhomes, and condominiums
  • Flat-roofed retail shopping malls and strip centers
  • Pitched-roof churches
  • Steel-frame industrial buildings
  • Skyscrapers and multi-story industrial buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • School and government buildings
  • Warehouses

We will help you determine whether you have a right to demand a new roof or repair your old one, and we will tirelessly fight for the money that you need so the repair or replacement can begin.

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Roof damage claims are some of the most complex cases after a hurricane has occurred. You need a strong advocate on your side who understands insurance claims and who can fight for your rights. At Doyle, our Hurricane Sandy roof damage lawyers have represented clients throughout the United States after hurricanes damaged their roofs. We know how to approach these claims and we will use our legal knowledge and experience to help you.

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