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Most retail center / strip center owners have insurance to protect against destruction of property/space as well as to protect against financial damage that results from business interruption after a violent storm. Insurance companies are obligated to pay out covered losses as defined by insurance policies but many insured retail center owners are still trying to get insurance claims paid in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy caused more than $68 billion in lost productivity and destruction of property. It resulted in many policyholders filing claims for the first time, only to discover that after all these years of paying retail center premiums, their insurers were not an ally but an enemy. In due time, it is apparent that a legal professional might be needed to take up the fight.

At Doyle LLP, a Hurricane Sandy retail center damage attorney can use the legal protections and guarantees available to insured commercial property owners to compel insurance companies to pay a fair and reasonable amount for repairs, replacement or business interruption as quickly as possible.

Hurricane Sandy Retail Center / Strip Center Damage Claims

Retail centers , like any other businesses, may have suffered extensive damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Wind and roof damage was especially common among retail centers, but some locations were completely destroyed, necessitating a total rebuild. Insurance is supposed to cover these losses.

Retail establishments typically have some type of business interruption insurance in addition to property damage coverage. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to undervalue all types of claims related to both property damage and business interruption coverage. While there are challenges in proving the value of any type of storm damage claim, the valuation of a business interruption claim can be especially complex.

Insurance companies often try to deny legitimate claims or simply impose extensive and burdensome requirements on insureds that lead to significant delays. This can cause financial hardship and can exacerbate damage to retail centers due to delayed repairs.

An insurance company that denies legitimate claims or acts unreasonably is said to be acting in bad faith. Insurers who act in bad faith can be held liable in a court action and can sometimes be obligated to pay compensation and damages in excess of the limits of a retail center insurance policy.

A Hurricane Sandy Retail Center Damage Lawyer Can Help

Owners and occupiers of retail centers / strip centers who have sustained property damage deserve to have all covered storm damage claims paid in full and in a timely manner.

At Doyle LLP, our dedicated Hurricane Sandy retail center damage attorneys will help you get the money and respect you deserve from the insurer. If your insurance company won’t pay, we can also take action for bad faith. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to pursue bad faith claims as we have represented retail store owners and operators throughout the United States after debilitating weather events.

Don’t let a retail center damage claim go unpaid indefinitely. Arrange a consultation with a Hurricane Sandy retail center damage lawyer today by calling (888) 571-1001 or completing our contact form.