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Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating weather events in recent memory and caused millions of dollars in property damage to individuals along the East Coast. Once the devastation of the hurricane had been assessed, property owners were left with another problem: the challenge of making insurance claims.

Unfortunately, thousands of policyholders with Hurricane Sandy property damage claims found themselves navigating a maze of paperwork and insurance regulations, struggling to get insurance coverage for claims that were clearly covered.

Why Do I Need a Hurricane Sandy Property Damage Lawyer?

According to news reports following Hurricane Sandy, many residents were still struggling to get insurance claims paid months after the hurricane occurred. Regrettably, insurance companies often fail to live up to their obligations to faithful policyholders.

Insurance companies are not on your side and may try a number of tactics that make it difficult for you to obtain compensation for your Hurricane Sandy property damage, including:

  • Refusing to pay legitimate claims: Insurance companies may try to deny that the damage was a result of the storm.
  • Giving you the runaround: Some insurance companies are just too big, and claims get mired in red tape while you helplessly wait for a resolution.
  • Undervaluing claims: An insurer may argue that only repairs are necessary on a property that has sustained serious damage or an insurer may try to claim that your damages won’t cost that much to fix.
  • Causing unreasonable delays or making unreasonable demands: Insurers often try to drag things out for months, leaving you coping with a maze of paperwork.

If your insurance company is employing any of these tactics, now is the time to contact a Hurricane Sandy property damage lawyer.

How We Can Help

A Doyle attorney can assist you in a Hurricane Sandy property insurance dispute, including:

  • Negotiating with the insurance company to agree on a reasonable amount of money to repair your property
  • Fighting to have your property classified as either a repair or a rebuild, depending upon the situation
  • Filing a bad faith claim if your insurer fails to act reasonably

Types of Hurricane Sandy Property Damage Claims

At Doyle LLP Trail Lawyers, our experienced Hurricane Sandy property damage lawyers will fight for every insured to get the money promised in the insurance contract. It is not right for you to pay premiums and get less than you deserve, and we will assist commercial property owners with:

  • Slab claims where a property has been completely destroyed
  • Claims where your residence sustained siding damage
  • Claims involving roof damage to your home

Our goal is always to keep your case moving forward and to obtain the best possible outcome.

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If your home was damaged by the 2012 East Coast superstorm, the Hurricane Sandy property damage lawyers at Doyle LLP Trail Lawyers can work with the insurer on your behalf. You may complete our online form to provide more information about your losses or call us at (888) 571-1001 to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.