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Hurricane Sandy battered office buildings in the Northeast when it made landfall in October 2012 and, to this day, some businesses have not yet been able to resume operations. When an office building is damaged in a weather event, the losses can extend far beyond the physical damage to the edifice as the storm may cause long-term business shutdowns.

In most cases, those who own office buildings or office space are insured not just for physical damage to the space but also for business interruption. Despite the comprehensive coverage, insurance companies after Hurricane Sandy are not stepping up to the plate and are instead delaying, undervaluing or denying legitimate claims.

For a business that is struggling to rebuild after office building damage, the wrongful refusal of an insurer to pay can cause financial devastation and can cause conditions in the office building to become worse as a result of delayed repairs.

Contacting a Hurricane Sandy office building damage attorney is essential to get claims paid, and building owners should not hesitate to get in touch with a legal professional when an insurer is acting unfairly. At Doyle LLP, our dedicated lawyers are here and ready to help. Our firm has represented office building owners throughout the United States after violent storms caused significant damage.

Hurricane Sandy Office Building Damage Claims

Hurricane Sandy was a brutal storm and many office buildings experienced wind damage, roof damage and destruction from flying debris. Some office buildings were completely destroyed and need to be rebuilt from the ground up, while others will simply need repairs ranging from moderate to extensive.

Insurance companies commonly try to undervalue claims and attempt to pay less than is required. Other times insurers may engage in delay tactics or ask policyholders to complete cumbersome documentation and complex claims forms.

When an insurance company acts unreasonably or unfairly, the insurer is said to be acting in bad faith. Bad faith refers to a breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing that is inherent in every contract of insurance. A bad faith claim brought by an office building owner can result in an insurance company becoming liable not just for damages covered by the policy but also for other losses incidental to the delayed claims. The compensation an insurer may be obligated to pay in a bad faith case can often exceed the policy limits.

A Hurricane Sandy Office Building Damage Lawyer Can Help

At Doyle LLP, our experienced attorneys want to eliminate the stress and hold the insurance company accountable if it fails in its obligations. Policyholders have legal recourse in bad faith scenarios and our legal team will readily litigate any matter in which a property insurance customer has been dealt a disservice by his insurance company.

To learn more about how we can help with your claim, contact a Hurricane Sandy office building damage lawyer at (888) 571-1001 today.