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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating hurricane that caused injury, destruction and even loss of life. Unfortunately, even several months after the hurricane, many people have been unable to begin the process of rebuilding their homes and their businesses. This is because insurance companies that are supposed to cover Hurricane Sandy insurance losses aren’t paying claims as they are contractually obligated to.

Our Hurricane Sandy insurance losses attorneys have represented clients throughout the United States who sustained hurricane damage, and we know the lengths to which insurance companies will go to avoid paying claims or to make it difficult for insured property owners to get a fair payout. Doyle represents those who have suffered a loss in a hurricane and who are being further victimized by an insurer who refuses to pay a fair amount, and we fight to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Why You Need a Hurricane Sandy Insurance Losses Lawyer

When you buy an insurance policy, you pay premiums month after month in exchange for peace of mind. You assume you are protected when a hurricane comes through and you have every right to make that assumption.

Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always honest and they don’t always keep the promises that they made in insurance contracts. If your insurer tries to deny you the money you deserve, you need an advocate who can fight for you. A Hurricane Sandy insurance losses attorney at Doyle can help.

When you have a Sandy claim that isn’t being paid or when your insurance company is treating you in an unfair way, our attorneys can:

  • Assist in determining what is covered
  • Help negotiate with your insurance company to get reasonable payments
  • Assist determining a reasonable compensation amount for your claims
  • Prove to your insurer what you should be entitled to

If your insurance company still won’t work with you to pay out your claim, our Hurricane Sandy insurance losses attorneys will take your case to court in a bad faith claim. These types of claims can allow you to recover money for all of your losses as well as additional damage caused by your insurer.

Types of Hurricane Sandy Insurance Losses

Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, there may be many different types of Hurricane Sandy insurance losses that your insurer is expected to pay. Our attorneys can help you make a claim for:

  • Damage to your property caused by winds
  • Destruction of your property caused by the hurricane
  • Business interruption losses caused by the hurricane

For any type of Hurricane Sandy insurance losses covered by your policy, our litigators will fight to get you the full compensation you deserve.

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When your property has been damaged by a hurricane or when your business loses money as a result of a hurricane, you need your insurance money to move forward. When your insurance company tries to deny or delay, this can have devastating consequences. Don’t let your insurer do this to you.

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